SME promotion training project

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This training project is jointly cooperation between The Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP), Ministry of Industry and Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University. Most of participants of the project are expected to be able to establise business in any perspective whenever the completion of the training.

This project is aimed to boost up the Thais economy once again after ASEAN crisis which started in mid 1997. The Thai government has approved and granted a lot of money for this purpose and expected to have new investors and entrepreneurs who will be creating new small and medium sizes enterprises-SMEs in Thailand.

Other similar activities implemented by agencies concern to the SME project are also Thais' recognize universities such as Thammasat University, King's Mongkut Institute of Technology-North Bangkok Campus(KMIT-NB) and universities which are located in main cities out of Bangkok, for example Khon Kaen Universities-KKU, Chiang Mai University-CMU and others are also taking lead roles as remote organization in training new entrepreneurs who are expected to be in business soon. At this moment, by the approval of theThai government's cabinet, SME institute is already established in eary June 1999 at Thammasat University, Rangsit campus. The institute are recently training the first target group of SME. They are about 1,500 people participating in thefirst training course. Chulalongkorn University by Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy lead by Professor Dr. Achara Chanchai and her staff members from both inside as well as outside resource persons has implemeted the pilot SMEs training project since early 1999. Recently the third group of 30 new entrepreneurs who will be new group of SME are being hardly trained. There will be only 120 entrepreneurs trained by the end of September 1999.